Fewer the Pictures, Richer the Memories?

2014 has been a good year. I have been to 5 new cities and have 4 more new cities to explore before the year ends. One of the pluses of being in Hong Kong is that many countries are more accessible today.

Every time I travel a lot of my time is spent on documenting the travel which I believe is critical. My husband gets rather irritated when I keep stopping to shoot a video or strike several poses to get that perfect profile picture. But there is an observation I made this year - my photos and videos of the trip have been fewer than before. It was really hard to create an album on Facebook or a video for Tumblr.

That made me wonder. I had fantastic holidays in gorgeous locations - some of which I was not even aware existed till I booked my flight tickets - yet I had not spent time documenting the experiences. So does that mean fewer the pictures, richer the memories?

Or as an engineer would put it, number of pictures or videos from a holiday is inversely proportional to the richness of the memories created in that holiday.

I believe the above statement is true.

The life we experience when we are not looking at it through a Retina HD or AMOLED display is so real. Yes, you may have fewer hyperlapse videos for followers to like or a profile picture that is not hawt enough…but it is a change that all of us should try to make.

Whether it was cycling in a Vietnamese village, lying by the beach and reading The World of Suzie Wong in Cebu, the evening I spent alone in Seminyak smoking some shisha while sipping a cocktail observing the passersby or snorkeling in Mango Bay in Koh Samui with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and husband…these and many more are memories that will stay with me. The need to document remains and so though my pictures are fewer I will try to make it up with words.

Coming up on the blog will be details of my 4-day vacation in Koh Samui. Please keep following, liking and commenting…despite the 'switch off mode' in some of my recent vacations…I still love the interactions on social media!

The trip to Cebu was planned on short notice. This meant less time for research and negotiation which had me very uncomfortable. I finally booked our stay at the Crimson Resort and Spa.

Side note: I usually avoid resorts when I travel as resorts are family friendly and hence could be noisy. Crimson Resort too was noisy, but they cleverly managed to have higher noise levels at one central area near the pool. 

If you have kids it is a great place to be with several activities at the kids’ centre and if you did not have kids…Crimson Resort still managed to be great. As you see in the video, the room is spacious and great for a couple. You could also stay at the villa that is closer to the beach but it could be a noisier part of the resort. Our room was an 8-minute walk to the beach.

We spent a lot of time at the beach as it was quieter and less crowded. They have a nice beach bar where you can pick up drinks and laze on your beach bed. In the evenings the beach area was converted into a nice candle lit restaurant with either a movie night or a live band. 

The resort can also arrange trips to Oslob where you can swim with whale sharks. For this you have to leave at 5.30 a.m.. We did not do this trip. Instead we went snorkeling to the nearby islands which was also fun as we got a private boat.

The highlight of our stay was their spectacular Spa. Once you book yourself a treatment you are allowed to use the spa facilities (steam, sauna, open air jacuzzi and relaxing pool) for free all day. They recommend that you come in before the treatment to enjoy these facilities. We booked our appointment on the last day and it was a great end to a very relaxed stay at Cebu.

Cebu Island (Mactan or Lapu Lapu) largely has only resorts and if you can not afford to stay at the Shangri La or Abaca Boutique Resort then Crimson Resort and Spa or Movenpick Hotel should be your best options.

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